San Vicente lighthouse

Id 11
Appearance OcB 3,5s
Latitude (ED-50) 43.39391997857042
Longitude (ED-50) -4.391784997855498

Located at the tip of la Silla, a promontory on the port side of the San Vicente estuary.

Beaconing APS Coastal Network
Scope 13
Elevation 43
Número Libro Faros 1570

L 2,5 oc 1,0 Vis. 115º-250º. Nautophone (cancelled in 2014)

Plazopre 20
Support Square masonry tower (9 m)
Lighting Gear PLC- S7 1200 Siemens (own design)
Fecha ON Square masonry tower (9 m)
Battery Bateria Sonnenschein A606/300
Dispo Category C1
Technical Observations There is an emergency beacon with the same range (13 mn) Model VLB-44 8-ring (VEGA) powered by the described beacon battery.