Buoy P-4. Rubén Laso

Id 242
Appearance GpD(2)R 7s
Latitude (WGS 84) 43.44956592
Longitude (WGS 84) -3.775452278

Pedreña channel. Fifth to port entering, forms entrace with Punta del Rostro

Beaconing Pedreña channel
Scope 3
Número Libro Faros 01197.8

L 0,5 oc 1,5 L 0,5 oc 4,5. Passive radar reflector.

Plazopre 180
Support Red plastic buoy, red cylinder.
Lighting Gear MESEMAR MCL 140
Serial No. 171774
Fecha ON Red plastic buoy, red cylinder.
Dispo Category C2