Buoy nº 18 Elechas

Id 251
Appearance GpD(4)R 11s
Latitude (WGS 84) 43.43008094
Longitude (WGS 84) -3.801205444

Astillero Channel. To port while entering, at the entrance to the La Tornada curve.

Beaconing Astillero estuary
Scope 3
Número Libro Faros 1355

((L 0,5 oc 1,5) 3 times) L 0,5 oc 4,5. Passive radar reflector.

Plazopre 180
Support Red headframe buoy, red cylinder.
Lighting Gear MESEMAR MCL 250
Fecha ON Red headframe buoy, red cylinder.
Dispo Category C2