Isla Mouro Lighthouse

Id 9
Appearance GpD(3)B 16s
Latitude (WGS 84) 43.47328906
Longitude (WGS 84) -3.755774083

Lighthouse on the island of Mouro located between the East and West mouths of the entrance to the port of Santander

Beaconing Main channel
Scope 11
Elevation 39
Número Libro Faros 1150

((L 1 oc 2,5) 2 times) L 1, oc 8

Plazopre 180
Support Tower of 18 m. with house
Lighting Gear Vega VLB-44
Fecha ON Tower of 18 m. with house
Battery Bateria Sönmeschein SB6/330
Dispo Category C1
Technical Observations Two completely duplicated devices and with synchronized operation. The devices have 4 and 5 rings each respectively.